The Fascination of a Dancer for Healing Hands

53 years old, today the full time masseur of the Stuttgart Ballet. At 19, he began to take ballet classes very late. He was trained at the Harkness Ballet School in New York, and danced three years each in USA and in the Stuttgart Ballet. From the beginning, he was thinking about the time afterwards and found his new calling in the work as a masseur for dancers.

Richard Gilmore translated my book Ballet - and Then? into English.



portrait photo of Richard

As a young dancer

Richard pose 1 Richard pose 2 Richard pose 3
Richard kneeling

...on stage (left, kneeling) and quiet privately on holiday

Richard on holiday

Richard lecturing


Richard today as masseur of the Stuttgart Ballet giving a lecture with the title "Sportingly, dynamic, healthy -- hopefully!" in the chamber theatre Stuttgart on January 31st, 2006 and demonstrating some special exercises for dancers.

Richard giving instructions Richard correcting