Out of Love for Dancing into Dance Medicine

39 years old, established herself as a general practitioner in 2002, specialized, among other things, in dance medicine and osteopathy. Up until eight years ago she danced, first with a regular contract, then with guest contracts in Munich, Würzburg, Constance, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Out of her fascination with the human movement apparatus, she studied human medicine while dancing. Out of love for ballet, she became a driving force in the field of a specific medicine for dancers. She is a co-founder and board member of the German Dance Medicine Association.



Liane with shadow Liane sitting
Liane in Eloquence

Liane on stage in Eloquence


Liane with partner

... and at the barre in the ballet hall

battement à la seconde
Liane at the barre

Liane in Labyrinth at the City Theater in Würzburg(choreography: Andris Plucis)


Liane portrait

... a women

Liane portrait 2

with various faces...

Liane portrait 3
Liane portrait 4

... for example as a catin Alice in Wonderland

(at the Studio Theatre in Munch, directed by Peter Zadek )