All Roads Lead to Chile

37 years old, as of the year 2000 he was professor of modern dance in the Palucca School in Dresden. Moved to Santiago de Chile and the "Espiral" in 2004. After his training in the Palucca School, he spent 17 years in the Comic Opera of Berlin, then a year in Kassel, and finally he danced as a first soloist in the Semper Opera in Dresden. Stopped in order to concentrate on teaching and to pass on what had fascinated him about dancing. Was intensely influenced by his Chilean teacher and by modern dance theater.



Raymond Hilbert (r.)

Raymond Hilbert as partner

Raymond as partner

Raymont in various roles at the Semper Opera in Dresden
Raymond als »Romeo« in »Romeo und Julia« Raymond (rechts) mit Stephan Thoss in »My Way«

Raymond (r.) with Stephan Thoss in My Way

in 1994 as Romeo in Romeo and Juliette ...

Raymond with Masa Kolar, 1995

Raymond with Masa Kolar, 1995

all black and white photos and photo right © Erwin Döring

... with Tatjana Loginova (l.)
and Carola Schwab (r.) in  Elective Affinities

Raymond with Tatjana Loginova (l) and Carola Schwab (r.) in Elective Affinities