The Desire of an Artist for Lifelong Learning

52 years old, psychotherapist since ten years. Only began dancing at age 19. Studied with Tatiana Gsovsky in Berlin, and danced from 1974 until 1984 in the State Theater in Wiesbaden, in the National Theater in Mannheim, in the City Theater in Augsburg, and in the State Theater in Oldenburg, in the end, as a soloist. Aside from that, he acted as deputy director of training, assistant ballet master, and choreographer. He was always driven by the need to learn more.



Michael in Der Gott und die Bayadere

Der Gott und die Bayadere, 1981

as Romeo, 1982

Michael as Romeo

in E=mc2, 1983


Michael at the State Theater Oldenburg


in Phädra, 1980

in La Sylphide, 1982

Michael in La Sylphide
Michael in Phädra