The Chief of Protocol with the Beautiful Ears

60 years old, Chief of Protocol of the State Chancellery of Saxony since the year 2000. Began ballet at age thirteen. Trained at the Palucca School in Dresden from 1958 to 1963, and danced until the age of 27, in the end with the State Opera in Dresden, as a corps dancer with solo obligations. After voluntarily working with directors of the opera, she went through detours of tasks in cultural management and work as a representative spokesperson for the government to achieve her present profession.



Heidrun at the beginning of the sixties at the Palucca School in Dresden

Heidrun at the barre

Heidrun in the attitude ...and together with other ballet students on pointe at the barre. This photo was taken in 1961; at that time Heidrun was in the 3rd class of the Palucca school. Hannelore Müller stands behind her. She later made a career as Hannelore Bey and became a prima ballerina.

Heidrun with Palucca

the 60th Geburtstag of Gret Palucca (center)...

... and Heidrun at the congratulations in the Palucca school. She wears a head bandage after she has had operated on her ears.



Jumping for fun:

"Dance desire" in the summer camp, about 1960

Jumping for fun
pas de deux

rehearsal of a pas de deux with Lydia Wolgina at the Palucca school, 1962 ...

Heidrun dancing behind Palucca

... and Heidrun (l.) has lessons with Gret Palucca (r.)