From Political Dance-Theater to Dance Film

54 years old, founder and director of the German Dance Film Institute in Bremen. After beginning her dance training in the Dance Academy of Cologne, she danced from 1971 until'78 with the Theater in Bremen where Hans Kresnik was director. At the same time, she took classes as a guest student in the "Red University" in Bremen, and after her departure from the company she studied Cultural Sciences. Already during her days as a dancer, she began to document dance theater on film.



© Kerstin Rolfes
Heide-Marie is raised

Heide-Marie in the ballet hall

Heide-Marie jumping
Heide-Marie lying

... in action ...

Heide-Marie quiet concentrated

...quiet concentrated,

Heide-Marie at school

... well-behaved (center) ...

Heide-Marie sitting

... an bored.