From Soloist to Administrator for Shoes

55 years old, former soloist in the ballet of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. Married and the mother of two grown up children. Stopped dancing at age 34 and completed schooling three years later as an office administrator. Because of the long term results of a dance injury, she could never work fully in this profession. Now she helps out in the State Ballet organizing the ballet shoes and she works a few hours at the Heinz-Bosl Foundation in Munich.



Apollon Musagète

Elaine (left) with Geneviève Chaussat

Elaine in Apollon
Elaine with Heinz Bosl in Apollon

Elaine (right) with Konstanze Vernon and Heinz Bosl in the Bavarian State Opera Munich

Elaine in Apollon
Elaine with Heinz Bosl Elaine with
Heinz Bosl
(in Apollon)




...and with
Youri Vàmos
in Tschai-

Elaine with Peter Breuer
Elaine as Big Swan Elaine as Myrtha in Giselle Elaine in La Valse
in the role of the Big Swan as Myrtha in Giselle und in La Valse

all photos of Apollon © Sabine Töpfer; La Valse © Charles Tandy