A Story Full of Guidance

48 years old, married, housewife and mother of three sons. Studied ballet pedagogy at the music conservatory for Film, Television, Stage Dance, and Pedagogy in Munich, was then a ballet apprentice in the Bavarian State Opera, and unexpectedly slipped into a little ballet career. Finally landed in the City Theater of Koblenz. After her stage career she studied in Tübingen to be a physiotherapist, but gave up her work when she had her first child.



in ballet school, 1972 ballet school, rehearsal, 1972
Doris (center) in ballet school, 1972... ... and at a rehearsal, 1972 (forth from left)
Doris as ballet student

...as a ballet student at Bavarian State Opera, Munich

... and in an operetta in Koblenz, second from right

in an operetta
...in The King and I ... in The King and I (in front on the left) Doris in Der Zarewitsch

...in Der Zarewitsch,
Koblenz, 1978 (2nd from the right)

...in Giselle
... dancing in Giselle, Koblenz, 1979 (2nd from the left)