Crossing Stepping Stones of Existential Crises

44 years old, born in the USA , has been teaching White Cloud and Yoga for the past six years, now in her own practice. After her training in the John-Cranko School, she danced for almost two decades, as of 1979, with the Stuttgart Ballet, in the end as a demi-soloist. Through a change of directors, her career ended prematurely. She felt disoriented and had a loss of identity. But experience from a previous life crisis helped her to manage the transition.



Claudia in Holding Your Own of Marco Santi, 1992, 1993

© Felipe J. Alcoceba

Claudia in Holding Your Own
Claudia in Wiederkehr

Claudia (center) in Wiederkehr of John Alleyne, 1985 (Music: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy)

© Gundel Kilian
Claudia in Vision Fugitiv of Hans van Manen

in Vision Fugitiv of Hans van Manens, 1992

Les Noces of Stephan Thoss

Claudia in Les Noces
photos © Felipe J. Alcoceba