The Voluntary Premature Start in the Second Career

40 years old, married, 2 children, opera ballet mistress for the past 17 years. Was one of the first graduates of the John Cranko School in Stuttgart. Danced four years as a demi-soloist in Hof. Comes from a big family and she had learned to be independent when she was very young . For rational reasons, at 22 she decided against a further career and returned to her home town, Stuttgart, as a ballet mistress.

Angelika 2004


Angelika, 1979   Angelika 1979, Attitude   Angelika, 1979, on pointe

Angelika, 1979 Angelika 1979   Angelika, 1979

Angelika, 1979, Arabesque   Angelika 1984 Angelika portrait 1984